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D-Day tour assembly

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11 April 2014.

A busy morning for two of our Battlefield Limeflowers this morning even before we left (see running report). A relaxed day today as our journey took us to the neighbouring town of Bayeux.

Our first stop was to the British Bayeux War Cemetery which holds in excess of 4000 graves. A moving place and very typically English with hanging Wysteria and graves accompanied by English Roses. We paid our respects with a prayer and then walked around this very moving place.

Next stop was the centre of Bayeux and a chance to visit the Bayeux Tapestry. A wonderful display of the Tapestry and wonderfully narrated. We also took the opportunity to visit other historical sights in the town with a visit to a 13th century house.

Tonight we have a themed 1940s evening so it could be a joyous VE evening celebration!

Running Reports.

Dean Oakey was an early riser fixing his Morris 1300. The binding brakes appear to have cooked his wheel bearing grease which had liquidated! A Walk to a local old fashioned garage managed to secure some grease where he then reloaded the bearings. The binding brakes appear to have rescinded and reported no problems or bearing noise on the run to Bayeux!

Next issue was Stefan's Limeflower Austin 1300 which he'd taken for a quick spin and then decided it didn't want to start today! Half a dozen eager club mechanics were soon under the bonnet and somewhat mystified as the ignition and spark was good. As quick as the issue appeared it resolved itself! Soon on our way there are no more issues to report, it goes go to show how resourceful our members are.