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Sep-Oct: Posted
D-Day Tour Assembly

Our 2014 tour looks to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the WW11 D-Day landings in Normandy France. Our tour takes place between 6-13 April 2014 starting at the D-Day Map room at Southwick House before commencing our landing operations in Normandy. Our tour will visit over 25 historical sites of D-Day including the iconic Pegasus Bridge.

Watch the film 'The Longest Day' to get a preview of some of the history and locations we'll be touring.

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9 April 2014.

A glorious day for sightseeing and long may the fine weather continue. As has become the custom our cars assembled on Arromanches high street at 9AM. Our first stop was Batterie de Longues-Sur-Mer were 4 Gun placements still exist with their original guns. Here we could see the evidence if where they had been silenced from the Naval Bombardment at D-Day. A walk down to the coast and we were shown the Command and Plot bunker that would have directed the Artillery fire out to sea and towards the beaches where the troops landed.

Our next trip looked only a couple of miles away until we met the French Highways Agency Extreme Deviation route! What should have been a simple 6 mile journey was more like 26 Miles!! The French Deviation signs were very hit and miss and we soon learned to travel In the opposite direction of that given!!! Needless to say we eventually found our way to our intended destination the American Omaha Cemetery. A very sobering experience with in excess of over 9000 graves. No more wars please!

Our next destination was Omaha Beach where Dean Oakey gave a presentation explaining what happened at Omaha and some of the thoughts behind the high loss of life. Another sobering thought stood in the centre of the beach.

The final destination Pointe Du Hoc was again hampered by the best efforts of French Deviation Routes!! A pleasant drive however through some very narrow French roads and we finally managed to find our destination without following deviation signs!

We hope the weather will be equally kind over the next few remaining days. Tomorrow we head further West to Ste Mere Eglise and Utah Beach and the 82 Airborne Museum.

Running report

Dean Oakey's brakes appear to be providing some challenges!! This time the rear brakes appear to be binding. Once cooled a closer inspection is warranted; hopefully nothing too sinister other than sticking handbrake cables. Fingers crossed!