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D-Day tour assembly

Our 2014 tour looks to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the WW11 D-Day landings in Normandy France. Our tour takes place between 6-13 April 2014 starting at the D-Day Map room at Southwick House before commencing our landing operations in Normandy. Our tour will visit over 25 historical sites of D-Day including the iconic Pegasus Bridge.

Watch the film 'The Longest Day' to get a preview of some of the history and locations we'll be touring.

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6 April 2014.

A wet and damp morning and rather poignant as today's weather conditions are similar to the D-Day landings 70 years ago.

The distinctive whine of 1100s could be heard approaching Southwick House; the location of the D-Day Map room. Mr William Dick the Curator treated us to a history presentation of the D-Day Map room explaining the significance of the map and order of Battle. A very informative presentation and he has certainly wetted our appetites for the week ahead.

A huge thanks of gratitude to Mr William Dick for his extremely informative presentation and for giving his time so generously. This was followed by a brief visit to the Royal Navy Police and Regulating Branch museum to see the Juno Beach Beachmasters Chart that was actually used on D-Day. We then moved onto the D-Day Museum in Southsea to see the famous Bayeux D-Day tapestry and Exhibition.

Our late afternoon crossing from Portsmouth to Caen witnesses 3 more 1100s joining us in the continent.

Tomorrow our tour starts at the very beginning of D-Day with our first stop at Pegasus Bridge and the first house to be liberated, the Gondee Cafe.

Running report

Only one minor incident as Ian and Dawn Kennedy's MK 1 Morris was providing an intermittent misfire whose cause was a faulty condenser. Quickly replaced in the car park Ian now reports a happy and smooth running 1100!