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Land's End To John o' Groats
Tour Assembly

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Stage 1 - Land's End to Bradford upon Avon

  • Date: Sunday 5 August 2012
  • Route: Land's End to Bradford upon Avon
  • Journey time: 4 Hours 40 Minutes, Distance: 203 Miles

Stage 1 Report

At 0900 Land's End started filling with with a plethora of 1100/1300s. As promised by Dean Oakey the sun was shinning for the start of the 1100 LEJOG. The cars soon became a marvellous spectacle parked side by side outside the Land's End complex and attracted much attention from the arriving Tourists who thought we were part of the Land's End theme park!!!

All cars had their individual photographs (with owners) under the famous Land's End Sign; some careful manoeuvring was the order of the day as there wasn't much space even for a 1100!!

A faultless start by all cars from LE, however they were soon put through their paces as the Cornish climate decided to really test our cars. Sporadic heavy rain and then glorious sunshine was the order of the day throughout the length of the A30 and that was just a taster of what Devon was going to throw at us!!!

Our journey to the first scheduled stop at Drogo Castle proved faultless and all cars and owners were fully accounted for.

A quick bite to eat and a whistle stop tour of Drogo Castle proved enjoyable and an opportunity to stretch our legs. Dave Wilkins reported another drive coupling bolt had worked loose but other than that no mechanical issues.

A 4pm departure from Drogo Castle proved very eventful for those who decided to leave later! Heavy torrential rain was soon flooding the local roads which was necessary to navigate back to the A30.

The rain became so heavy it created two very deep fords. Dean Oakey's Morris 1300 hit the first with some decent speed and soon became an amphibious 1300! Our French cousins also quickly made a dash across and thankfully 4 x 1100s still running. The next ford was even deeper and now with no way back it was a case of drive through or bust.

We're pleased to report 1100s also make excellent boats, although some carpet drying maybe in order for some!

A safe arrival for all at Bradford on Avon saw us gather at the local watering hole and an evening swamping(!) stories of our eventful journey.

The evening also saw the celebration of a special Birthday with Nelly Renaudin being born in the same year of the Morris 1100!!! The Champagne was flowing to the chorus of a very jubilant Happy Birthday. We hope your birthday was a very memorable one Nelly and there can't be any better birthday spent in a 1100 travelling 230 Miles!!!

Dominique's VDP has a loose exhaust which will be repaired tomorrow and a potentially weeping head gasket which may need a re-torque when the sun shines. Paul Vincent's Austin 1300 has a very slight fuel leak from the rear fuel pipe but hopefully will need no more than a clip tightening!

Ian + Dawn's Morris reports 40MPG and no oil useage. No other reports of any issues so a great testimony to the car itself and their owners.

The two cars which are catching everyone's eye are Jose Ambel's Innocenti i5 and Martin Williamson's MG, both spectacular cars and its rumoured that they may be the first to JOG! Jose Ambel's Innocenti is rumoured to reach 110 mph; I'll ask for a test drive and report back!!!

Safe journeys to our participants and thanks for following our progress.