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Land's End To John o' Groats
Tour Assembly

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Stage 6 - Edinburgh, Scotland to Goathland, Whitby

  • Date: Friday 10 August 2012
  • Route: Edinburgh, Scotland to Goathland, Whitby.
  • Journey Time: 4hrs 30 Mins, Distance: 196 Miles

The Aidensfield Arms

Stage 6 Report

An early assembly under Edinburgh Castle witnessed a couple of local enthusiasts come to offer their support and said how our LEJOG event had given them some extra inspiration to get on with their restorations. Fantastic to hear their news and stories and sounds like we may have inspired a few extra 1100/1300s arriving on our roads soon!!

Our early start got us out of Edinburgh before the rush hour commenced. It appears everyone had a great evening in the city either at the Military Tattoo or enjoying the Fringe Festival and all the sights Edinburgh has to offer.

Some miles out of the city 'wee' soon found one of our Austin 1100s parked in a lay-by looking somewhat abandoned and perhaps in distress?? Fearing the worst we all pulled in......all 11 cars to lend a hand only to find a young lady needed to answer the call of nature sat in a bush!!!!!! We'll save any further embarrassment and say no more.............but Rachael should have gone before she left!!!!

Our Route down the A68 soon got us to the Scottish / English Border where our superb collection of ADO 16s adorned the lay-by. Another quick group photograph next to the Border Stone with England and Scotland on opposite sides. We were joined by a very joyous bagpiper who insisted on joining us with bagpipe in full musical flow!!!

We had a leisurely drive to Goathland and with our 1100s parked outside the Goathland hotel (alias Aidensfield Arms) we soon became the main Tourist attraction and joined by local fellow enthusiast Brian who arrived in a Gorgeous Austin 1300 Mk 3 with only 11000 miles on the clock!!!

At the moment our French cousins appear to have gone adrift but and perhaps shopping for their 1960s outfits???

It promises to be great evening with this being our last stop before the National Rally.

Running Repairs

Only a centre Exhaust bobbin failure on Paul and Terresa's Austin 1300 but will last to the national and a condenser change on Olivier's VDP. Not bad for now over 2000 miles............who needs modern cars, nah not us!!