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Ireland Heritage Tour

For 2016 we have an 1100 tour to Southern Ireland.
On Day 5 of our Ireland tour we travelled a long way to Tipperary.

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Day 5 - 25 Aug 16.

An amendment to day 5 of our tour as we opted to travel north instead of south and headed to Tralee and the Shannon estuary where we travelled along the coast to the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. We made good progress and made our first stop at Foynes Boat Plane museum where we were treated to a guided tour and provided a demonstration of how to make Irish Coffee. David Rachel was the willing volunteer and was duly awaited the Irish Coffee making medal! The tour inside the boat plane was a real privilege and Rob McKerney took hold of the controls we duly jumped boat plane quick!

Next we headed east the long way to Tipperary. We made great time but finding the welcoming town sign to Tipperary was a bit more time consuming with directions sought from the Tourist board. Oh yes it is a long way to Tipperary and there is only one welcoming sign on one road of the many into the town. We quickly queued up whilst Dean got snapping away as each car parked next to the 'long way to Tipperary' road sign.

With our photo shoot complete a 20 minute drive to Ireland's oldest castle 'Cashel Rock'. A cool ice cream and a leisurely walk around this wonderful 12th century castle.

Finally after another 15 minutes drive we arrived at our hotel were a dip in the pool and jacuzzi for our skilful drivers. Tonight Irish member Joseph Kearney joins us from Limerick so there will be lots of 1100/1300 noggins tonight. His white Morris 1300 2 door looks stunning and has the most amazing excellent condition hydrolastic units......watch out Joseph; Dean looks very interested!

Running reports: Rob McKerney's Austin 1100 seems to be running better after a HT lead change but the head gasket still remains suspect given the consumption of water. Dean Oakey's near side hydrolastic unit thankfully seems to be holding up and surely must be the lowest riding ADO16 in Ireland?

Tomorrow we visit the historical Gordon Bennet racing circuit; so keep yourself indoors!!