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Ireland Heritage Tour

For 2016 we have an 1100 tour to Southern Ireland.
On Day 2 of our Ireland tour our first stop was the Guinness Storehouse.

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Day 2 - 22 Aug 16.

Day 2 of our Ireland tour and our first stop was the Guinness Storehouse. One would of thought we consumed enough Guinness last night but an early tipple of Guinness at 9AM for Team 1100 tourers took it all in their stride with lots of more sample tasting; so they say! A fantastic tour of the most famous stout factory in the world with over 3 million pints of Guinness produced every day!!

As we reached the 7th floor of Dublin's famous landmark we were treated to a stunning panoramic view of the city with even more Guinness on offer to help appreciate the view!! Absorbing the last of Dublin hospitality it was time to drive up the Wicklow mountains. Picking our way through the narrow Dublin streets we spotted the Mountains in the distance and began our ascent until we were high above the clouds.

With the clouds disappearing beneath us we drove into glorious sunshine. A photo stop at the top of the mountain where Tim Robinson revealed he was low on petrol........just as well it's downhill from here! Tim achieved a very incredible 50 miles to zero gallons.....downhill!

We made it to Glendalough visitor centre at the bottom of the mountain where Tim and Joanna's Morris 2dr was treated to a full tank of fuel..... Phew. The mountain took its toll on Dean Oakey's Morris 1300 with a front number plate bolt working its way loose and a rather large bulging near side hydrolastic unit!

David Rachel's 1100 Club 'Top Gear doom car' Lada estate lurked in the background, but Dean's Morris 1300 was relieved of some hydrolastic fluid and made it safely to Waterford........phew 2!! Watch out for the 1100 doom Lada car folks!

Departing Glendalough the rest of the group led by Rolf and Raerrel opted for the very scenic route in their MG to Curracloe Beach near Wexford whilst David Rachel opted to haunt the remaining 1100/1300s in his Lada!! Arrival at Curracloe beach witnessed everyone doing the very British roll your trousers up and paddle in the sea. A much needed cool down at the beach as the temperature started to soar.

Our final stop of the day at Treacy's Hotel on the river at Waterford witnessed another great Team 1100 dinner and more live entertainment with Rob Mckernary and Jenni Lees showing us their best '1100 Club Strictly come dancing' moves! A great day had by all and the Lada is still staring at us all from outside!!!