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The Story of the BMC 1100

1962 - 2012
A significant milestone for the BMC 1100

For 2012, the 1100 Club embarked on a special project in the form of a celebratory book to mark the 50 years since the launch of the BMC 1100. The book is A4 (hardback), in full colour and has in excess of 160 pages which contain over 500 pictures/illustrations and over 57,000 words.

Appropriately the book has now sold over 1,100 copies and its 8th print run was completed in Feb 2022.


What does the book cover that hasn't been said before?

Well, we wanted this book to be a complete guide for the 1100 enthusiast.

A start was made by compiling data and interesting facts, and photos, of all the various marques that were badge engineered from the Morris 1100. Not only those in the UK, but also models built in various parts of the world.

Development and manufacturing were an important consideration, this being covered extensively by various engineers.

An approach was made to Allan Webb, our president, and asking him to give us an account of his experiences at the factory. This then snow-balled, and he has made contact with several of his colleagues that were involved in manufacturing parts for the 1100 - and they have also been kind enough to contribute articles.

A wealth of information about our very special car is also included, from production figures and a time chart for the various models, paint and trim colours for the various marques, chassis numbers, and how to decode the various identification plates.

If you are a toy model collector, there are pictures and information about the many models that have been produced over the years, by numerous manufacturers.

There is also a section on period accessories that were recommended by BMC, plus a few items created by after market manufacturers.

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Book: The Story of the BMC 1100

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