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eBay challenge

eBay Car Challenge Gears Up With The Final Three

eBay unveils the three classic restoration projects to take part in the first ever eBay Car Challenge. A Volkswagen Beetle, Riley Kestrel 1300 and Mk3 Triumph GT6 will be transformed over the next three months using only parts and accessories from eBay.

Hundreds of amateur restorers applied to take part in the eBay Car Challenge with the chosen three receiving £4,000 each to spend on eBay. The restorers will now lavish all their attention on their vehicles in preparation for the final reveal in July.

Meet Charlie:

The oldest vehicle to receive some much-needed TLC is a rare 1968 Riley Kestrel 1300, which once belonged to restorer Charlie Renwick's great grandmother.

Unfortunately, the car has been sitting in a garage for over 40 years and now needs some serious attention to ensure it shines once again. "My great aunt and mum have fond memories of my great grandmother driving this car around, so I hope to make them proud," explains the 25-year-old from Essex.

eBay Car Challenge crosses the finish line! Three classic cars restored to their former glory

28 July 2016 - Three classic motors have been brought back to life in just three months for the first ever eBay Car Challenge using only parts and accessories from eBay.

A Volkswagen Beetle, Riley Kestrel 1300 and Triumph GT6 Mk3 were restored in painstaking detail after their owners saw off hundreds of other amateur restorers to secure a £4,000 restoration budget provided by eBay.

The 1971 Beetle – AKA Godfrey – has been restored by the Challenge’s youngest competitor, Robyn Avis-Smith, an engineering student from East Sussex.

As well as the world’s most prolific production model, the eBay Car Challenge also involved a rare 1968 Riley Kestrel 1300. Essex-based restorer Charlie Renwick inherited the British classic from his great grandmother. His first task was a daunting overhaul of the Kestrel’s suspension, but it was the detailed touches that made the project special. Charlie sourced original replacement door handles, a walnut gear stick, the “1300” badge – even original BMC green paint for the engine block.

The final challenger was David Newell's glorious Triumph GT6 Mk3.

Murray Lambell, director of retail car parts & accessories, eBay, says, "Three months ago, we picked Robyn, Charlie and David’s projects from the hundreds of incredible entries we received for the eBay Car Challenge. We gave them £4,000 to spend on eBay.co.uk and a deadline of July. The rest was up to them and they’ve really delivered.

"Watching each car come back to life has been genuinely exciting, and I’d like to congratulate all three of them for turning their rusty relics into gleaming show stoppers."

See the story of each restoration here: www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/ebay-car-challenge